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Allen, Bart & Emily: New Tribes Mission - Papua New Guinea
October 2017 letter
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Allen Update Video
Amundson, Doug & Heather: ABWE
December 2016 Letter
Chambers, Jim & Rachel: Zambia
November 2017 letter
Fawcett, Cheryl: ABWE
July letter
Francis, Murrell & Jeanelle
November 2017 Update
Hayden, Scott & Christine: ICS - Thailand
October 2017 letter
Merkh, Dave & Carol Sue: WOL Brazil
October 2017 Update
Pepe, Tony & Kathy: CMC - France
September 2017 letter
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Scioto Hills Christian Camp & Retreat Center
September 2016
Smith, Larry & Bev: Retired
Special Announcement -- August 2017 Update
Storm, Gary & Nancy: Int'l Camp Ministry
October-November 2017 Update
Weber, George & Shirley: Retired
October 2017 Update
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    Allen, Bart & Emily: New Tribes Mission - Papua New Guinea,
    Amundson, Doug & Heather - Chile
    Chambers, Jim & Rachel: Zambia
    Combs, Kelly & Jody:  AIA
    Fawcett, Cheryl: ABWE
    Francis, Murrell & Jeanelle: West Nairobi School, Kenya
    Hayden, Scott & Christine: International Community School - Thailand
    Kordic, Craig & Darlene: Asia
    McClure, John
    Merkh, Dave & Carol Sue: Word of Life Overseas - Brazil
    Michalski, Morris & Kelly: AIA
    Muslius, Lavdim & Lydia
    Pepe, Tony & Cathy: CMC - France
    Scioto Hills Christian Camp & Retreat Center
    Smith, Bev & Larry: Retired
    Storm, Gary & Nancy: EBM - International Camp Ministry
    Weber, George & Shirley: Retired
    Wellman, Jared & Erin:  AIA

    Some missionaries or their letters may not be listed due to the sensitive nature of their mission field.

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 The Combs
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The Merkhs
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